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Pura Vida Body Mind Spa - Our Team

Julie Davis Image

Julie Davis


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Julie Davis is our dedicated owner and founder of Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, overseeing the medical spa and ensuring her vision is carried out.

Melissa Googe Image

Melissa Googe

Medical Aesthetician

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Melissa brings over 10-years’ experience and a depth and breadth of experience that is well above the norm.

Hannah White Image

Hannah White

Executive Assistant

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Hannah White is our Spa Tender who delivers the best customer service possible while making each person feel welcome.

Jules Hollan Image

Jules Hollan

Medical Assistant, Viveve expert, Phlebotomist

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Jules is our Medical Assistant, phlebotomist, Viveve expert and IV Vitamin provider.

Judy Del Villar Image

Judy Del Villar

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Judy is our Licensed Massage Therapist.

Brittany Smith Image

Brittany Smith


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Brittany is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in advanced aesthetic medicine.

Chrissy Durrence Image

Chrissy Durrence


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Chrissy is a licensed Full Esthetician/Specialist.

Hope Lee Image

Hope Lee

Spa Tender

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Hope is one our fabulous Spa Tenders!

Brianna Monteiro Image

Brianna Monteiro

Spa Tender

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Brianna is one of our Spa Tenders. She is very passionate about our client's care.