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Learn about the newest and most popular aesthetic treatments at Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa!

Lash Extension Myths Debunked

Julie Davis | 05/12/2023

The lash industry is full of enthusiasts, but many aren't experts. Learn about debunked myths here!


Dermal Fillers Aren’t the Only Option, Get Long Lasting Results with Sculptra

Julie Davis | 04/21/2023

Sculptra is a safe and effective solution for anyone looking to restore a more youthful appearance.


The Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Julie Davis | 11/10/2022

Discover the hottest facial rejuvenation treatments this season!


Join Our Membership Program Today!

Julie Davis | 10/17/2022

Invest in yourself and your wellness by signing up for our membership program!


Give Your Face a Lift with triLift®

Julie Davis | 10/03/2022

Discover how triLift truly is the biggest thing in aesthetics!


What Makes The TriLift Unique?

Julie Davis | 09/22/2022

Discover how The TriLift is a "non-surgical facelift" that gives flawless results without going under the knife!


The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation + Tightening Right Here!

Julie Davis | 07/27/2022

Looking for a way to completely revamp and refresh your skin? You need a treatment that will give your skin a total reset!


Want a Facelift but Don’t Want to Go Under the Knife?

Julie Davis | 07/25/2022

Discover Lumenis's ground-breaking device, triLift™, the best way to achieve facelift results without surgical intervention.


Why People of Color May Not Be Getting the Daily Sun Protection They Need

Julie Davis | 07/14/2022

Many have bought into the myth that “Black and brown skin doesn’t need SPF.” Learn about this myth and the truth by reading this blog.


Fight Acne with NeoClear by Aerolase Laser

Julie Davis | 06/28/2022

We are excited and proud to announce that we are the first medspa in Fleming Island the Jacksonville area to carry the Aerolase Neo Elite laser!


Pro-Nox Takes the Pain & Anxiety Out of Cosmetic Treatments

Julie Davis | 06/27/2022

At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa in Fleming Island, we take the anxiety & pain out of aesthetic treatments. Learn more about how we do this!


Best Treatment For Mild to Severe Acne

Julie Davis | 06/21/2022

Introducing Neoclear Treatment® with the Aerolase Neo Elite Laser.


How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Once and for All!

Julie Davis | 05/09/2022

Stretch marks are a common side effect of pregnancy. Here at Pura Vida, we offer several treatments designed to eliminate stretch marks.


Top 3 Ways to Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Your Hair

Julie Davis | 04/19/2022

Hair loss can occur for many reasons. Learn about which products are the best to keep your scalp and hair healthy and which are gimmicks.


Complete Guide: A Mommy Makeover

Julie Davis | 04/11/2022

Pregnancy and childbirth can completely change your body. Physical insecurities can hold you back but the right treatments can heal and inspire you!


3 Ways to Fix Droopy or Hooded Eyelids Without Surgery

Julie Davis | 03/25/2022

Learn how to fix droopy eyes with our 3 non-surgical techniques.


Is Emsculpt Neo Better than Regular Emsculpt?

Julie Davis | 03/23/2022

The differences between Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo.


Why Your Botox Treatment Isn’t Working Like It Should

Julie Davis | 03/21/2022

Is it Botox Resistance or Something Else?


Are Your Vitamins Making You Sick?

Julie Davis | 03/07/2022

Julie discusses how supplements affects people on individual levels.


Infrared Sauna: Our Wellness Oasis

Kara Wilfong | 01/18/2022

Discover the benefits of Infrared Sauna.


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