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Why Your Botox Treatment Isn’t Working Like It Should

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While Botox is the most widely known brand name of cosmetic neurotoxins it is not the only brand on the market. Others include Xeomin, Jeuveau, and Dysport. Recently however, Botox seems to be the neurotoxin that most commonly fails to work for some people. So, the question is, why doesn’t Botox seem to be effective in some people. There are several possible reasons: 


While not very common, some people can actually develop a resistance to Botox which means it either doesn’t work very well, doesn’t last long, or sometimes doesn’t work at all. Because botulinum toxin is produced by bacteria, the immune system may recognize it as an invader and deactivate it. The best way to avoid this resistance is to choose a brand offering a purer form neurotoxin such as Xeomin. Botox brand is purified using unnecessary proteins that can act like adjuvants in a vaccine, stimulating your immune system to have a stronger response, and therefore making resistance more likely. Xeomin does not use this purification method, is known for being a purer form, and tends to have much less documented neurotoxin resistance. That’s why Pura Vida in Fleming Island, Florida uses mostly Xeomin and very little Botox brand. Our wrinkle reduction results are more consistent and last the usual 3-5 months. 


While it might seem like injecting Botox doesn’t require much skill, that couldn’t be more inaccurate. An injector must know how all of the muscles in the face work together to create facial expressions and therefore expression wrinkles on the skin. By injecting the right muscles with the right amount of toxin in very precise areas and depths, wrinkles can be improved greatly and sometimes even eliminated completely. However, injecting in the wrong area or depth can cause undesirable results, unnatural results and even a loss of efficacy. Always ask about your injector’s credentials, look at their reviews and ask to see photos of treated patients.


Like in any profession, there are unfortunately some bad actors in the Medspa industry. Some injectors have been caught “watering down” Botox.  By diluting incorrectly, they will need to inject more units to get the same result which costs the medspa clients more money. Presumably, this behavior is designed to charge more money for the same service. 

Even worse, some injectors have even been caught injecting saline instead of neurotoxin so they can steal (divert) Botox product from their employers for personal use or even illegal sale. Watch out for those “at home” Botox parties! That could be stolen Botox being injected by a very unscrupulous medical professional. Words of wisdom - Be sure to thoroughly investigate the reputation of the Medspa, the injector’s reputation, and always let the business manager know if something isn’t right about your treatment. Once you find a place you love, don’t jump around to find the best deal or you run the risk of bad result.

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