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Plump Up The Volume With Dermal Fillers

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It’s no secret that your face slowly changes over time. Due to changes in the elasticity of your skin, you may see deep wrinkles or folds more often. If you are trying to discover the best way to treat signs of aging, you may have heard of dermal fillers. For women and men in Fleming Island and Jacksonville, dermal fillers are simple injections that plump the skin by “filling in” a line or wrinkle. They are also commonly used to correct the contours of the face, create fuller, plumper lips, and soften the appearance of the skin.


At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, we are experts at restoring volume to the skin. As we age, the body stops producing new elastin and collagen, the proteins responsible for keeping skin tissue firm. Without them, we begin to show the typical signs of aging like lines and wrinkles. Our professional staff at our spa in Fleming Island, FL, uses dermal fillers to work alongside your natural proteins to give your skin a youthful appearance.


The Details of Dermal Fillers


Many injectable dermal fillers used today are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a chemical naturally found in the skin and body. While neurotoxins such as BOTOX® and Xeomin® temporarily relax or paralyze the muscles to smooth the skin, dermal fillers make the skin look plump and hydrated. Some research also suggests that hyaluronic acid helps stimulate new collagen production.


Dermal fillers are popular among healthcare providers because of their safety, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for beauty purposes. Savvy patients who are interested in these treatments should not be afraid to ask their injector about his or her training and certifications to ensure they are receiving the best care. While the effects of dermal fillers are temporary, patients can easily schedule follow-up appointments as required every quarter, six months, a year, or more based on the type of filler given. Some examples of common injectable dermal fillers in Jacksonville, FL are Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, and Belotero Balance®.


As for the procedure, it is normal to feel a little discomfort at the injection site, including redness and bruising for a short time afterward. Some medical professionals may apply an anesthetic cream before the procedure or pre-mix the injection with a local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable. Any reactions to the fillers are mild and will typically disappear within a couple of days. If you experience any concerning symptoms following a filler appointment, please contact our spa in Fleming Island, FL so we can offer our expert advice.


Where Can I Use Dermal Fillers?


Smoothing wrinkles in the face is just one option out of many when it comes to dermal fillers. In Fleming Island, at Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, our physicians also use fillers in the following targeted areas if they have lost their natural volume over time:


  • Lips: Patients can redefine their lip border and make their lips seem more voluptuous than in the past. Augmenting this area will make them look naturally plump.

  • Jawline: Get a slimmer facial profile by giving your jawline a more contoured appearance. Contouring the jawline can also make you look as if you’ve lost weight.

  • Cheeks: If you have depressions or a hollow appearance in the cheeks, you can achieve a sculpted look through fillers. Full cheeks add a natural-looking dimension to your face.

  • Under the eyes: Dermal fillers reduce bags under the eyes that tend to make you appear tired. With a dermal filler, your eyes can look more youthful.

  • Chin: Chin augmentation using dermal fillers can smooth out a chin crease and improve a poorly-defined chin to create a more shapely outline and profile.


In addition to smoothing out the dimples and lines in the skin, some skincare professionals recommend dermal fillers to improve the symmetry of the face. At our spa in Fleming Island, FL, we help you choose the right dermal filler so you can maintain a natural expression, no matter the area you are trying to improve.


Plump Up the Volume!


For some, extensive surgery such as a facelift or brow lift is not the best option for your ultimate aesthetic goals. Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments like injectable dermal fillers can achieve similar results for the face, lips, and more without the added downtime. Smooth out the frown lines in between the eyebrows, create a better profile, and restore your youth with just one simple visit. Located in Fleming Island, FL, Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa houses some of the most state-of-art skincare technologies and dermal fillers in the Jacksonville area to rejuvenate your face.


When you schedule a custom consultation with our team, we offer a full assessment of your skin and any problem areas to address your unique needs. After a discussion where we choose the best dermal filler, our staff provides a pleasant experience during your procedure. In short, you can expect our full support before, during, and after your treatment in a reassuring and professional environment. We invite you to tour our Fleming Island, FL location and learn more about dermal fillers today.

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