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1715 Eagle Harbor Parkway Suite C

Fleming Island, Florida 32003

Salt Cave - Pura Vida Day Spa

About Our Salt Cave

Salt, an all natural antimicrobial, has long been used as a way to help your skin heal, retain moisture, and combat afflictions, as well as soothe respiratory inflammation and relieve stress. Salt is a vital part of everyday life and functionality for your body. For those reasons, we have created a very unique space referred to as a Salt Spa where we have covered the room, including the walls and floors with mineral salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains. While you relax on our fine leather, zero-gravity recliners, the room will become filled with a fine salt powder intended to be breathed into your sinuses and airways.  Relaxing to soft music in the dark, cave-like room and breathing in the salt-filled air promotes healing and restoration for your mind and body. If you have never experienced a salt room, this is an absolute must!