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Lymphatic Massage in Jacksonville, FL

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About Lymphatic Massage

The body’s lymph system is responsible for transporting and removing waste, including harmful toxins. Its primary function is to carry a clear infection-fighting fluid (lymph) throughout the body. If this flow is interrupted due to poor circulation, swelling, or a blockage, it can leave the body vulnerable to infection and disease. At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, we offer lymphatic massage for patients who just had surgery, are recovering from an injury, or are suffering from poor circulation. Call our MedSpa in Fleming Island, FL to schedule your session today.

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PURE MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE: This treatment is a type of gentle massage that is performed to assist and encourage the natural draining process of the lymph. Through gentle rubbing and delicate massage techniques, the manual lymphatic drainage massage assists in carrying waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

POST-SURGICAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE: This massage is for patients who are in post-surgery recovery. It is a light massage that helps promote the circulation of lymph so that the body can naturally rid itself of toxins and waste materials. Studies have shown that lymphatic drainage massage also assists in regenerating and purifying tissues while helping to stabilize and promote normal organ function. It can also help boost one's immune system and metabolism. At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, we use this massage to help breast cancer patients, pregnant women, and those who have undergone plastic surgery, as well as those who suffer symptoms of painful menstrual cramps, allergies, sinusitis, and other viruses.

Add-On Treatments

At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, we offer a variety of add-on treatments that can be incorporated in your session, including:

  • SCALP: Focusing on scalp and head massage to relax and de-stress
  • TMJ/SINUS RELIEF: Therapy to relieve sinus pressure and the painful symptoms of TMJ.
  • MASSAGE GUN: Therapeutic device incorporated into the massage for extra relaxation
  • CUPPING: Uses suction to decompress muscle tension and release trigger points
  • EXFOLIATING SCRUB: Choose between hands, feet, or back to experience a sea salt scrub with Shea butter body cream
  • AROMATHERAPY: Uses natural oils to elevate your relaxation. *Does not add additional time
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Heal Your Body

A lymphatic massage helps stimulate the lymph system for natural waste elimination and healing. It can offer many health benefits, such as disease prevention and optimal organ function. To schedule your private session, call Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa in Fleming Island, FL. Our massage therapists look forward to serving you.

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