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Visia Skin Analysis

Did you know that the Skin is the Largest Organ of Our Body? 

Yes, it’s really true!  Our skin, by medical definition, is an organ of our body.  It’s also the largest organ at about 20 square feet in size!  What’s more amazing is our skin is our body’s first and most important line of defense against bacteria, toxins, and other dangerous invaders.  Think of it as a waterproof coat of armor!  With that being said, I am still amazed how many people today don’t take good care of their skin until they notice the signs of aging.  

Amanda’s Story


“I have worked in aesthetics for 10 years, although my love for skin care started long before that.   My first introduction to skin care was at the Clinique counter where I received my first skincare lesson at just 11 years old.  The lesson was mostly about how to properly cleanse my skin.  Even at the tender age of 11, I was sent home with my first skin care regimen. In my early teens, my grandmother took me to Estee Lauder where I learned about serums and sunscreens. Then, in my early 20’s, while traveling for work, I visited an upscale spa in NYC and boy was I excited since I had never been to a “real” spa before. The aesthetician who provided my facial was very well educated and told me all about my skin. I left that day with glowing skin and received compliments for days despite not wearing a stitch of make-up (well except for the necessary lip gloss). I’m older now and I am so thankful that I had people guide me with my skin right from the start. This is also why enjoy helping other people learn how to properly care for their skin.  After all, it will be with us for a lifetime so we may as well love the skin we’re in!”

Amanda’s Arsenal 

Working at Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa affords me the luxury of providing Visia® Skin Analysis during all my skin care consults. Gone are the days, where I have to work tirelessly to convince people that they have large pores, brown spots, red tones, or wrinkles! That’s because Visia® Skin Analysis gives a clear picture what’s going on with your skin both on the top (the epidermis) and beneath the surface (in the subdermal layers).   These precise results let’s me understand exactly what treatments your skin needs to become healthier, which can range from facials, to HydraFacial, chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, microneedling and skin resurfacing.  This also helps me customize a highly effective, at-home skincare regimen for you. For younger people, the Visia® can also help treat acne before it even becomes a problem. The Visia® photographic images show existing bacteria beneath the skin that is not visible with the naked eye and even before it becomes acne!  Basically, Visia® is amazing!  

Visia® Skin Analysis

Visia® Skin Analysis is quick and painless and only takes a couple of minutes to perform.  If you haven’t had it done, I encourage you to visit a Spa that offers this innovative technology so that you receive the very best skincare from your aesthetic provider.  


  • Amanda Isaacs, Medical Aesthetician and Spa Manager

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