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Top 3 Reasons (Not Excuses) You Can’t Lose Weight

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Dr. Bob Posner | 5/6/2020

If losing weight and keeping the weight off were easy, 70% of Americans would not be overweight. Many people have lost weight through dieting, then regain the weight and the “yo-yo” cycle repeats over and over. Understanding the factors that play a role in preventing you from losing weight is the first step to taking control and shedding the weight permanently.

#1 - You Crave Carbohydrates!

To be successful at losing weight, you must use a dietary formula that involves a high protein, high vegetable, low starchy carbohydrate & low fruit approach. This produces a “ketosis” state that causes fat to be burned off. Cravings for carbohydrates often make this difficult and almost every woman knows what it is like to crave sweets, chips, ice cream and other carbohydrates during certain times of their cycles. Serotonin imbalance plays a large role in these cravings.

#2 - You Eat Due to Stress, Emotions, or Boredom

Stress causes the release of certain hormones and depletion of others, which in turn causes you to have food cravings as well as wanting to eat larger portions than desirable.

Stress increases:

· Cortisol: This will produce changes in hunger and fat accumulation.

· Ghrelins: This chemical increases hunger

Stress decreases:

· Leptins: This chemical decreases appetite and promotes the sensation of feeling full

· Serotonin: This chemical reduces carbohydrate cravings

#3 - Your Metabolism Changes with Age

As we all get older, metabolism rates slow down. Do you remember as a child, teenager or young adult you could eat lots more than you do now and not struggle as much with weight control? Every year our metabolism seems to slow down leading to unwanted weight gain and/or difficulty in shedding weight.

There is Hope!!!!

Despite the challenges of carbohydrate cravings, stress, emotional eating and slowing metabolism, effective weight control can be successfully accomplished. A robust medically supervised weight control program can provide everything you need to be successful in losing weight AND in keeping the weight off for the long term.

For example, the Serotonin Plus Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program provides all of the following support to ensure your success:

· Prescription medications to reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism;

· Effective Serotonin supplements to reduce carbohydrate cravings;

· Structured dietary plans using REAL FOOD to help you with long-term behavioral and lifestyle change;

· Professional support by a physician and nutritional counselors during your weight control journey.

We are just a click or phone call away to help YOU end your weight control frustrations. Ready to Book Your FREE Weight Loss Consultation click???? HERE to select a time that works for you!

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