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Three Ways To Fight Off The Covid-19 Virus

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Author Dr. Bob Posner

When an individual is infected with a bacteria, virus or parasite, how “sick” a person becomes is a function of two major issues: 1- how “virulent” the organism is and 2- how the person’s immune system responds to the organism. The Covid-19 pandemic clearly demonstrates the complex interplay of these two issues. The majority of people exposed to the virus are either asymptomatic or show minor symptoms whereas others have multi-organ involvement with life-threatening consequences. What are the factors that produce these very different outcomes?

Studies have shown that people with the following “risk factors” have a much greater chance of developing serious, life-threatening disease if Covid-19 is contracted: Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, advanced age, underlying immune dysfunction, history of cancer, asthma/COPD, autoimmune diseases.

Here are three ways to protect against serious outcomes when/if Covid-19 is contracted:

1-Weight Control

With diabetes, hypertension, lung disease and immune system dysfunction all being co-morbidities of poor weight control, I would make the argument that being overweight/obese is the most important risk factor in determining how “sick” a person will become if exposed to Covid-19. There is no coincidence that the U.S. is being ravaged by the virus much more than other countries, as our obesity rate is one of the highest in the world.

Weight control requires a structured dietary plan (high protein/low carbohydrate) and support. Very often people will benefit greatly from a medically supervised program that provides a medical “jump-start” to the weight loss.

2- Immune System Boosting

The immune response is a complex interplay of cells (such as white blood cells and macrophages), proteins (such as antibodies), organs (such as the spleen and thymus) and chemicals (such as cytokines). The immune system can be impacted by genetics, weight, medications, sleep and nutrients/vitamins/supplements. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry and Maitake mushroom are some of the vitamins/supplements that have been shown clinically to boost the immune system.

If you are not taking an “immune boosting” regimen to support your immune system, consider SeroImmune® that will be launched in October, 2020.

3- Enhanced Mood/Improved Sleep

Overall immunity is enhanced when sleep patterns and mood are optimized. The pandemic has most certainly negatively impacted sleep and mood for many people. Anxiety, stress and depression often lead to poor sleep. Additionally, these mood issues may induce stress eating lots of carbohydrates, drinking alcohol and other eating/drinking behaviors that negatively impact weight control and quality of sleep.

There are certain natural and medical interventions that can boost mood and improve sleep. Do not hesitate to check with your doctor to receive guidance as to how to best optimize your mood and sleep patterns.


There is a very high probability that all of us will at some point in time, be exposed to the Covid-19 virus. When this occurs, the difference between being asymptomatic or having a very mild case vs. having severe illness and possibly death could be dependent on various factors that are under our control. If poor weight control or a questionable immune status concern you, please reach out to our team. We are passionate about helping people fight off the Covid-19 virus and living healthier/happier lives.

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