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Laser Tattoo Removal For Stubborn Tattoo

Procedure Details

She came to Pura Vida for the tattoo removal treatments despite being disappointed by 2 previous treatments elsewhere and a test spot done with saline injection. When I first saw the tattoo, it was still dense with ink, which is normal on finger tattoo's, but she is determined to remove this tattoo as much as I am since it was a tattoo both her and her ex-husband got together. She wanted it off! I treated her with the cutera enlighten in 6-8 week intervals, 3 times and she has so far received great results.

Laser Tattoo Removal on Finger

She had previously had two laser removal treatments on the ink and 1 test spot of saline injection. When she came to Pura Vida for tattoo removal the ink was still very dense. Normally. finger tattoo's can be very stubborn. She was treated with the cutera enlighten every 6-8 weeks and has had great ink reduction  after 3 treatments. I will keep everyone posted with her progress.


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