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First Time IPL Treatment Series

Procedure Details

She came in and had never had any type of cosmetic treatment done before. Hyperpigmentation was a main concern as we reviewed her Visia Skin Analysis together. We soon started a series of IPL, Limelight by Cutera, treatments every 4-6 weeks in a series of 3 sessions. She has been very happy with her brown spot removal and even helped with her fine lines and wrinkles. She will continue doing an IPL treatment quarterly.

IPL for Brown Spot Removal

Her main concern was to have more youthful skin and less sun spots. She has never had a cosmetic treatment done before but after analyzing her skin with the Visia Skin Analysis, it was obvious what we needed to begin with. She had a series of 3 IPL Limelight treatments by Cutera every 4-6 weeks. She will continue an IPL treatment quarterly to maintain her results.


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