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Anti-aging Treatments for Busy Schedules

Procedure Details

Her main concern was laxity and looking tired. Her under eye area looked hollow and was causing dark circles underneath her eyes. She had Radiesse injected into her cheeks for lifting. Then Juvederm Ultra Plus injected in her nasolabial folds and her oral commissures, which smoothed out wrinkles but also lifted the corners of her lips. She also had xeomin injected into her glabella and crows feet, which gave her a more rested look. She has also had 1 IPL to even her skin tone that also boosts collagen. All procedures are synergistic to create a longer lasting youthful appearance.

Injectables for Instant Lift

Her laxity on her cheeks and around her mouth were causing her to look older than what she desired. She had Radiesse injected into her cheeks, which instantly lifted her cheeks and improved her undereye hollows. The Juvederm Ultra Plus was injected in her nasallabial folds and her oral commissures. her skin around her mouth was instantly smoothed and even lifted the outer corners of her lips. The Xeomin injected in her Glabella and crows feet lifted her brows and smoothed crows feet. This gave her a more rest appearance. She has also had 1 IPL to improved her skin tone and boost collagen. All of these procedures are synergystic and create an overall youthful appearance for her.


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