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About Our Massages

Massages prove to be a great way to relax, relieve sore or aching muscles, and rejuvenate your mind. At Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, our licensed massage therapist can provide invigorating and deep tissue massages to help improve the blood circulation throughout the body, increase flexibility, and reduce water retention. The different massages we offer are the Pure Joy (signature massage), Aroma, Sports, Maternity, Thai, and Sole treatments, all with different purposes and benefits that you can customize based on your needs. You can also add on a Pure Scalp massage, feet massage, TMJ/sinus pressure focused treatment, and heat features to any of the above massage services to get the most out of your experience. If you're in the Fleming Island and Jacksonville, FL area, then we invite you to schedule your appointment with us or come visit our spa to find out more. 

What to Expect

PURE JOY (OUR SIGNATURE MASSAGE): This massage offers a customized experience by utilizing softly scented aromatic oils and skillful massage techniques. Whether you prefer the gentle touch of a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, this customized treatment approach allows you to choose the massage that best suits your needs. 45 and 80 minutes.

PURE AROMA: Ease away the day’s stresses and bring the body and mind back into balance. This traditional massage uses the powers of essential oils and carefully applied pressure to help your restore mind and body. 50 and 80 minutes.

PURE SPORTS: A revitalizing massage designed to promote flexibility, increase circulation, and stimulate the muscles. Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, this treatment will prepare or repair you before or after physical activity. 50 and 80 minutes.

PURE MATERNITY: Increase circulation, soothe muscles and lessen water retention with this gentle massage centered around the lower back, hips, shoulders, and feet (expecting mothers must be past their 1st trimester; deep work not administered). 50 and 80 minutes.

PURE THAI: East meets the West in this complete head-to-toe massage routine consisting of special techniques that reduce stress and strain on your body while allowing you to have a highly therapeutic massage. A unique style of massage that blends the relaxing strokes of the Swedish massage with the stretching techniques of a Thai massage. 80 minutes.

PURE SOLE: The session begins with a renewing scrub to exfoliate and moisturizing wrap to hydrate. A massage concentrating on specific reflex points on the feet will balance the entire body and leave you with a refreshed state of mind. 50 minutes.

The following features can be added onto any massage:

  • PURE SCALP: Warm oil massaged into the scalp and head to relax and de-stress. *Adds 25 minutes
  • PURE FEET: Massage concentrating on specific reflex points on the feet. *Adds 25 minutes
  • PURE PRESSURE (TMJ/SINUS RELIEF): Massage to relieve sinus pressure and the painful symptoms of TMJ. *Adds 25 minutes
  • PURE HEAT: Add hot stones into your massage to help relieve muscle tension *Does not add additional time 

Anticipated Results

Depending on which massage you receive, your results can vary. However, you should leave feeling more relaxed and less tense. Some massages may result in a feeling of soreness in the muscles afterward, but this is normal and will subside shortly. Each massage is elected to serve a different purpose and should help treat certain symptoms through a single session. The benefits will not be long term, so we recommend that you keep a regular appointment with us to maximize your results. 

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Relax and Rejuvenate

If you're feeling stressed, tense, have muscle aches, or other symptoms, then a massage can be a powerful way to combat this. With our different packages that we offer, you can find which one best suits your needs and addresses your symptoms. We will tailor each massage to target certain areas that you're having issues with. Give us a call at Pura Vida to start your relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. 

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*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.